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30篇优秀范文 2018中考英语写作满分必备(上)

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本文摘要:老师这两天要和大家分享30篇英语写作,切合中考学生的水平,涉及到的主题都是中学生日常学习和生活中经常遇到的,是2018中考英语写作温习的极好质料哦!第一篇:【写作要求】现在我们周围的情况污染越来越严重。作为一其中学生,我们应节约资源,掩护情况,从我们身边的小事做起,做一个“低碳生活”的中学生。 请以“My Low--carbon Life”为题,写一篇漫笔形貌自己的“低碳生活”。内容包罗:1.地球的污染越来越严重,我们能看到森林被砍伐、水污染和空气污染。



请以“My Low--carbon Life”为题,写一篇漫笔形貌自己的“低碳生活”。内容包罗:1.地球的污染越来越严重,我们能看到森林被砍伐、水污染和空气污染。




My Low--carbon LifeThe environmental pollution is worse and worse today.【优秀满分范文】My Low-carbon LifeThe environmental pollution is worse and worse today. Many trees are cut down, and water and air are polluted. As a student I try to have a low-carbon life to save energy and reduce pollution.Firstly, I often walk to school. It can reduce air pollution. Secondly, I always turn off the lights and fans when leaving the classroom. Thirdly, I always make full use of paper and other school things and never waste water.I wish more students to join me and make the earth more and more beautiful.第二篇:【写作要求】每当朋侪之间即将分手的时候,耳边经常会响起这首歌“朋侪啊朋侪!你可曾想起了我,如果你正享受幸福,请你忘记我……”。请你以Friends为题,写一篇90词左右的漫笔,可以围绕主题适当展开,论述结交的重要性和洽处。【优秀满分范文】FriendsWhat are friends? We often talk about the topic with others. I think friends are those people who can help you when you are in trouble. Don’t forget the saying, “A friend in need is a friend indeed.” Friends can tell you your mistakes, though what they say is hard for you to listen to. You can share your happiness, trouble and worry with friends. Someone also says, “You can’t walk any step without a friend.” So I think friends are very important to us. I would like to make as many friends as possible.第三篇:【写作要求】最近,你们班就“是否应该资助生疏人”展开了讨论,同学们就这一话题意见纷歧,你的看法如何?凭据所提供的信息,以“Should We Help Strangers?”为题,写一篇漫笔。原因赞成资助他人是美德;资助他人就是资助自己;阻挡怕陷入贫苦;怕被误解;你的看法?(至少两点)要求:1)表达清楚,语法正确,上下文连贯;2)必须包罗表格中所有的相关信息,并适当发挥;3)词数:100左右(征文的开头已给出,不计入总词数);4)不得使用真实姓名、校名和地名等。

参考词汇:美德virtueShould We Help Strangers?Recently our class had a discussion about whether we should help strangers.Different students have different opinions.【优秀满分范文】Should We Help Strangers?Recently our class had a discussion about whether we should help strangers.Different students have different opinions.Some think we should try to help strangers. Helping others is a virtue,and helping others is helping ourselves.We。



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